Budapest In January What To Wear?

What should you not wear in Budapest?

Tourist Alert: What Not to Wear in Budapest, Hungary

  • Dirty Shoes or Trainers. Since we take public transportation practically everyday, we get to see a lot of footwear.
  • Colourful Winter Coats. When the temperatures drop, I’ve always liked to beat the gloom with a bold coloured coat.
  • Baseball Caps.
  • Sweatsuits, Tracksuits and Yoga Pants.
  • Other Tourist Giveaways.

Is Budapest cold in January?

Budapest is slightly warmer than other Eastern European destinations, with an overall average temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degree Celsius) during the month of January. The average high is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 degrees Celsius) and the average low is 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius).

How should I dress in Europe in January?

When packing for Europe in winter, include a pair of dark skinny jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and a lightweight sweater. If you’re heading up north, you’ll need a winter coat or quilted jacket to keep out the cold, as well as a scarf and gloves.

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What should I pack for Hungary?

15 Must Buy Hungarian Things in Budapest

  • Porcelain. The Hungarian traditional of hand crafted porcelain dates back hundreds of years.
  • Ajka Crystal.
  • Painted Eggs.
  • Traditional Hungarian Shirts.
  • Traditional Dolls.
  • Tokaji Wine.
  • Tablecloths.
  • The Hungarian Secret Box.

Is shopping cheap in Budapest?

You can buy things from them for much cheaper than in the touristy shops. The hand-painted Herend and Zsolnay Porcelains also make exclusive gifts. Both are world-famous brands and you probably can find them in your country, but in Hungary you can get them at lower prices.

What is the best month to visit Budapest?

The best times to visit Budapest are from March to May and September through November. These shoulder seasons are when the weather is idyllic and the city isn’t overcrowded with tourists. However, the climate is always relatively mild, with temperatures rarely exceeding bearable levels.

What is there to do in Budapest in January?

Here are 10 top things to do in Budapest during the winter:

  • Christmas markets. The Christmas market on St. Stephen’s Square has the St. Stephen’s Basilica as its backdrop.
  • City Park Ice Rink.
  • Basilica light show.
  • Spas and thermal baths.
  • Hungarian State Opera House.
  • Christmas light tram.
  • River Danube Cruise.
  • Ruin bars.

Does Budapest have snow?

Snowfall is fairly frequent in most years. The spring months (March and April) see variable conditions, with a rapid increase in the average temperature. Budapest’s summer, lasting from June until September, is the warmest time of year. Sudden heavy showers also occur, particularly in May and June.

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Can I travel to Budapest in January?

January Weather: January is typically the coldest month in Budapest. Frankly, Budapest much like any other neighboring city is ideal to visit in say May before the Summer rush up until late September. After that, it begins to get really chilly and windy.

What should I pack for Switzerland in January?

What to wear in Switzerland in Winter

  • Walking Shoes: Bring good walking shoes, ideally waterproof with good tread for slippery wet (and sometimes icy) streets.
  • Gloves:
  • Scarf:
  • Singlet:
  • Normal clothes:
  • Ski shirt:
  • Jacket:

How do people in Europe survive winter?

9 Ways to Survive a European Winter

  1. Essentials/what to bring. When considering what essentials to bring on your holiday, think practical and useful.
  2. Insurance.
  3. Keeping warm in the winter.
  4. Be prepared for snow, and lots of it!
  5. Going on a tour in winter.
  6. Driving through Europe in winter.
  7. Travelling by train in winter.
  8. Indoor places to visit.

What should I pack for Denmark in winter?


  • Warm shoes/boots – Along with your super toasty wool socks, you’re going to want to have a nice pair of lined, warm winter boots or shoes (that can also stand up to lots of walking!).
  • Gloves – A good pair of gloves is always a necessity in cold weather!

What should I wear in Hungary?

It is very much a typical European style of dress so casual or smart casual will work well. Jeans are always popular and, teamed with lighter layers for the summer (e.g. camisoles or t-shirt) and warmer ones for the winter (try a long-sleeved top with a sweater), they will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.

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How much cash can I bring into Hungary?

What You Can Bring Into Hungary — You’re allowed to bring duty-free into Hungary 250 cigarettes, 2 liters of wine, and 1 liter of spirits. There is no limit to the amount of money you may bring into the country. However, you may not take out of the country more than 1,000,000 forints in Hungarian currency.

How do Hungarian people dress?

Hungarian Clothing The Hungarian traditional men’s costume includes embroidered shirts, floppy hats, and pants tucked into leather boots. For women, the national costume of Hungary means a white blouse, a bright flower printed skirt, a lavishly decorated white apron and a head covering piece.

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