How Long From Budapest To Florence By Train?

How far is Florence from Budapest?

The distance between Budapest and Florence is 733 km. The road distance is 943.7 km.

How do I get from Florence to Budapest?

The best way to get from Florence to Budapest is to fly which takes 6h 59m and costs 65€ – 1700€. Alternatively, you can train, which costs 130€ – 220€ and takes 14h 28m, you could also bus, which costs 45€ – 60€ and takes 14h 51m.

How do you get from Budapest to Italy?

The best way to get from Budapest to Italy is to train which takes 16h 6m and costs 50 000 Ft – 100 000 Ft. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 13 000 Ft – 23 000 Ft and takes 19h 29m.

How long is train from Budapest to Salzburg?

A journey on a high-speed Budapest to Salzburg train takes approximately 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Is Hungary close to Italy?

Distance from Hungary to Italy is 805 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hungary and Italy is 805 km= 500 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Hungary to Italy, It takes 0.89 hours to arrive.

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How do I get from Budapest to Rome?

It takes an average of 21h 55m to travel from Budapest to Rome by train, over a distance of around 505 miles (812 km). There are normally 10 trains per day travelling from Budapest to Rome and tickets for this journey start from €53.30 when you book in advance.

Is Vienna or Salzburg better?

As far as mountain scenery and outdoor adventures go, Salzburg comes out on top. While Vienna boasts enormous, well-manicured Stadtpark and a location adjacent to beautiful Vienna Woods, it simply can’t beat Salzburg’s access to the Alps. You can take a stroll in Vienna, but you can take a hike in Salzburg.

Is the train ride from Vienna to Salzburg scenic?

It is only scenic as the train goes through Salzburg and into Germany.

How far is Budapest from Salzburg?

The Salzburg to Budapest train distance is approximately 279 miles ( 450 km ).

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