Often asked: How Do You Get From Budapest To Lake Bled?

How do I get from Budapest to Lake Bled?

The best way to get from Lake Bled to Budapest is to bus which takes 9h 3m and costs 27€ – 45€. Alternatively, you can fly, which costs 150€ – 290€ and takes 7h 33m.

Is Lake Bled worth visiting?

Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most popular tourist attraction and although it’s getting more and more famous, it’s still relatively unknown comparing to other European landmarks. And, in contrast to other places flooded by masses of visitors, the beautiful Bled is not overrated at all.

How do I get to Lake Bled by train?

By train: There are two train station in the vicinity of Bled, the larger one is Lesce train station which has very frequent train connections to Ljubljana. Unfortunately the station is located about 4.5 km from Lake Bled which means you will have to catch a bus (see below) or taxi from the train station to the lake.

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How many days do you need in Lake Bled?

If you ‘re really crunched for time, it’s possible to fit the two most famous spots, Ljubljana and Lake Bled, into one weekend break. However, we recommend at least 4 days in Slovenia for a well-rounded trip that includes Slovenian classics like Triglav National Park and Predjama Castle.

How do I get from Budapest to Ljubljana?

Most Budapest to Ljubljana buses require a transfer in Zagreb, Vienna, or Munich. All buses depart from Budapest Könyves Kálmán körút bus station and arrive at Ljubljana Trg Osvobodilne fronte 4 bus station. The Budapest to Ljubljana bus journey takes as little as 6 hours and 15 minutes to arrive in Ljubljana.

Can u swim in Lake Bled?

Refresh yourself in the cool blue waters of Lake Bled during the summer. Water temperature in the thermal baths in the covered swimming pool at Grand Hotel Toplice is 22 °C, whilst in the pools at the hotels Rikli Balance and Park the water is heated to 28 °C.

How long does it take to walk around Lake Bled?

In total, it should take you about 2 hours to completely walk around Lake Bled.

Is Slovenia expensive to travel?

Slovenia is quite cheap compared to the nearby Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, but it’s more expensive than most countries in Eastern Europe. In particular, the capital city of Ljubljana can cost dramatically more than the surrounding countryside and small towns.

Which is cheaper Slovenia or Croatia?

Croatia is 11.5% cheaper than Slovenia.

How long does it take to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled?

The bus from Ljubljana to bled takes roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes (give or take, depending on traffic and road conditions). By car, the journey can take as little as 40 minutes.

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How do I get to Lake Bled?

You can either take the train or the Ljubljana- Bled bus. Both the Ljubljana to Bled train and the bus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled cost around the same: $6-10. On top of that, the Ljubljana to Bled train and the bus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled also both take more or less the same amount of time: 90 minutes.

What is the best month to visit Slovenia?

The best month to visit Slovenia is May or September.

What is the best time to visit Slovenia?

June through August is by far the most popular season to visit Slovenia, though it’s still relatively uncrowded compared to other Mediterranean locales. Ljubljana comes alive during the summer months, when locals flock to outdoor cafes and have picnics in the parks or by the Ljubljanica River.

How much is a taxi from Ljubljana to Lake Bled?

How do I get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled the fastest? The fastest way to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is to taxi. Taking this option will cost 80€ – 100€ and takes 36 min.

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