Often asked: What Port Does The Emerald Star Leave From In Budapest?

Where does Emerald waterways dock in Budapest?

After flying overnight from North America, this afternoon I boarded Emerald Waterways ‘ Emerald Star at her berth in Budapest for a weeklong voyage along the Danube. She is docked opposite the spectacular Hungarian Parliament building on the Buda side of the Danube.

Where do Viking ships dock in Budapest?

Your ship is docked at the Viking Pier located between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the city. The docking location is at Magdeburg Pier.

What hotel does Viking use in Budapest?

On this 10-day itinerary, Viking includes a two-day post-cruise stay at the Budapest Hilton as part of the overall journey.

Where does Viking river cruise dock in Moscow?

In Moscow, river cruise ships typically tie up at Moscow’s North Pier, which is some distance from most major attractions.

Do you need a visa for a Russian river cruise?

The Russia visa -free entry program only applies to passengers in St. Petersburg. If your cruise continues through Russia as Viking’s Waterways of the Tsars itinerary does, you are required to obtain a Russian tourist visa in advance.

Do cruise ships go to Moscow?

The cruise itinerary covers all the main and the most important locations on the route. During the cruise you will have a chance to get acquainted not only with Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also with smaller towns and villages like Goritsy, Kizhi, Yaroslavl, Mandrogui.

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Where do Viking cruise ships dock in Amsterdam?

Docking Location – De Ruijterkade Ships usually dock along a street called De Ruijterkade, located at the back of the Central Railway Station in Amsterdam.

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