Often asked: Where Is Budapest In Comparison To Istanbul?

How far is Budapest from Istanbul?

How far is it from Istanbul to Budapest? It is 1067 km from Istanbul to Budapest. It is approximately 1321 km to drive.

Is Budapest cheaper than Istanbul?

Istanbul is beautiful, much cheaper than Budapest, but harder to get around. Weather may be better there in October than in Budapest.

Is Budapest close to Istanbul?

Introduction to Istanbul and Budapest. With one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, Istanbul is the bridge between two continents. Straddling the snaking Danube in the very heart of Europe is Budapest, the buzzing capital of Hungary.

Is Budapest close to Turkey?

Yes, the driving distance between Budapest to Turkey is 1320 km. It takes approximately 12h 39m to drive from Budapest to Turkey.

How long is the train from Budapest to Istanbul?

The cheapest way to get from Budapest to Istanbul is to train and night train which costs 11 000 Ft – 27 000 Ft and takes 34h 20m.

Is Turkey close to Hungary?

Distance from Hungary to Turkey is 1,568 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 974 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hungary and Turkey is 1,568 km= 974 miles.

Where is the country Hungary?

GEOGRAPHY. Roughly the size of the state of Indiana, Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe bordered by Slovakia and Austria to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the east, Slovenia to the west, and Croatia and Serbia to the south.

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Are Turkey and Hungary allies?

Turkey and Hungary enjoy friendly relations based on historical and cultural ties, NATO alliance, close cooperation within international organizations, especially the EU and the Council of Europe, and Hungary’s support to Turkey’s EU membership.

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