Question: Why Do They Reference Budapest In We Need New Names?

Why is the title Hitting Budapest?

Answer: As the story unfolds, we realise the setting is the African continent, most likely Zimbabwe (the author’s native country), and that Budapest is the name of a rich neighbourhood. Consequently, the title is both ironical and symbolical.

Why did Darling’s family move to Paradise in we need new names?

In We Need New Names, Darling herself has turned her back on her own African identity by moving to America and Americanising herself, and her stealing of the ivory map is a symbolic metaphor for her part in the erosion of her continent’s identity.

Why is we need new names a postcolonial novel?

Bulawayo’s We Need New Names engages with underprivileged postcolonial cosmopolitans in its articulation of a vision that is essentially tragic. The novel compels us to contemplate how Africa has been and can be represented in order to get the attention of a hegemonic Western audience.

What year does we need new names take place?

We Need New Names is the 2013 debut novel of expatriate Zimbabwean writer NoViolet Bulawayo.

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What is hitting Budapest all about?

Courage proves to prevail in this harrowing tale about six runaway children who steal guavas to support themselves. Eleven-year-old Darling and her siblings travel by foot to a place they call Budapest from a place called Paradise, which is thought to be the run-down neighbourhood they live in.

Who is darling in Hitting Budapest?

Darling. Darling is the child-narrator of the short story and one of the six African children. From her outer characterisation, we only find out that she is nine years old and has an aunt who lives in America.

How old is darling new names?

Darling is only ten years old, and yet she must navigate a fragile and violent world.

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Why can’t Darling return to Zimbabwe to visit her family and friends once she is in the US?

However, Chipo also makes a valid point that Darling has left Zimbabwe behind and, though she cannot return because she has overstayed her visa in America, she does not make a concerted attempt to keep updated with or truly empathize with the situation in Paradise, because she is so swept up in her American life.

Is we need new names a memoir?

We Need New Names is Darling’s memoir, fragmented into chapters, many of which can stand alone as stories (and are titled as such).

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