Quick Answer: Where Is Viking Legend Dock In Budapest?

Where does Viking dock in Budapest?

All Viking ships dock on the Pest side of the Danube, so we booked two nights at the Budapest Marriott. The hotel overlooks the river and is just a few blocks from the Chain Bridge. We were pleasantly surprised that this is one of the hotels that Viking uses for pre- and post-tours.

What hotel does Viking use in Budapest?

On this 10-day itinerary, Viking includes a two-day post-cruise stay at the Budapest Hilton as part of the overall journey.

Where do river cruises depart from in Budapest?

Cruise boats arriving in Budapest dock on the PEST side of the river, a few minutes away from city centre hotels. Ships tie up at Belgrad Rakpart Port (Mahart – International Passenger or Drava Street Port) usually between the Liberty (Szabadság) and Chain (Széchenyi) bridges. There are plenty of docking positions.

Where is the Viking Vidar?

Viking Vidar current position Viking Vidar current location is at Europe Inland (coordinates 50.97196 N / 6.98923 E) cruising en route to KOLN.

Where does Viking river cruise dock in Moscow?

In Moscow, river cruise ships typically tie up at Moscow’s North Pier, which is some distance from most major attractions.

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Where does Viking river cruise dock in St Petersburg?

Your ship is docked at the Viking Pier located between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the city. The docking location is at Magdeburg Pier.

How much is a river cruise in Budapest?

Budapest River Cruises: from 8 Euros to 88 Euros Tickets to the Budapest river cruises start from a simple Day Cruise boat ride with a welcome drink at 10 Euros, up to 88 Euros for VIP river cruises (e.g. the cruise -dinner-music-drink-fireworks Fireworks Budapest River Cruise on Aug 20).

When was Viking Vidar built?

Viking River Cruises Viking Vidar Ship Information

Viking Vidar
Year Built 2015
Year Last Refurbished
Capacity 190 passengers
Decks 4

Where is the Viking Mississippi being built?

The company’s first custom vessel, Viking Mississippi, currently under construction at an Edison Chouest Offshore group shipyard in Louisiana, is set to debut in August 2022 and will sail voyages on the Lower and Upper Mississippi River, between New Orleans and St. Paul.

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